From mobile phones to gaming consoles, S1 has everything under control.

Macro Recorder

No more repetitive tasks: loop it anytime and anywhere.

Button Mapping

Customize your own button layout for any genre and playstyle.


Battle. Net



Epic Games

Google Stadia


Windows 10

Nintendo Switch


Total control: more than a mobile gamepad.

The Serafim Bluetooth Dongle allows you to play games on 10 platforms and devices.  


Compatible with: Android / Windows 10 / Nintendo Switch / Steam / Google Stadia / Epic Games / BlueStacks / NoxPlayer / / PPSSPP

( Note : Marcos and Button Mapping functions are only available on mobile phones )

Button mapping : precision for victory

All gamers have different playstyles. All phones have the same flat screen. Serafim feels you. Time to bring your A-game to your phone!


 S1 has two joysticks and 12 buttons, including ABXY and trigger buttons, that you can map to the virtual buttons on your phone’s screen to create a custom controller! 

Macros: more combos, more loot

Record your button and move combos to automate your tasks and rack up the prizes you want.

Play fast. Play cool. Play like a pro.

The Serafim Play app has optimized button mapping stored for most popular mobile games, like PUBGM, Injustice 2 and Mario Kart Tour. Just load your favorite game from the home page and follow the visualized guide -- you’re all set.  


Thanks to the Serafim Play app doing your button mapping for you, you’re just a tap away from an amazing gaming experience! 

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